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Check out the short film that I co-wrote with Nicol Eilers.

Directed by Nicol Eilers.


Accepted into the North Hollywood CineFest 2020


Accepted into the Amsterdam International World Film Festival 2019

Accepted into the Arizona International Film Festival 2019



What I do is create content that expands your vision of what defines a monster.

My heroines identify their strengths then crush the monsters that threaten them.

I write to keep hope alive and question our humanity. 


 Below are a few more examples of my work.  


about me

I take everyday events and twist them.  In a dark way.  


I want to make you think...  What would I do?  What if this happened to me?  


I want to touch something deep inside you.  I want to make you react.  

Take action in your life.   


I want to open your mind. 


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Portland, Oregon

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